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7 Tips for Year-end Giving

When the needs in the world feel overwhelming, and you’re drowning in requests for donations, it can be easy to lose sight of the great joy that giving can bring. Utilize these 7 Tips to set about your giving in an intentional way and make the most of your generosity.

Hands with a gift
  1. Set A Giving Budget – Within that budget, decide if you want to give a few big gifts or a greater number of smaller gifts. Consider setting aside a few dollars for opportunity giving, when an appeal tugs at your heartstrings, but then feel just fine about saying “no” when your budget is spent. While you’re at it, why not set a charitable budget to make your 2022 giving and start the year off right?
  2. Start With Your Faves – If you love a nonprofit and believe the results they achieve make the world a better place, make a gift to them this year. Nonprofits with all missions need us now and some may not survive into the future without our support. Arts, animal welfare, and education for example, have all been profoundly impacted by COVID.
  3. Be Flexible – Consider making your gift unrestricted, so nonprofits can apply the dollars where they are needed most. The pandemic has shown us how rapidly needs can change, and no one knows better than the organization’s leadership where gifts can produce the best results.
  4. Multiply Your Impact – Consider matching opportunities offered this time of year, but don’t let the match drive the donation! Collective giving campaigns like Season of Sharing, where your gift combines with others to have a greater impact, also have several advantages.
  5. Talk to Your Professional Advisors – Federal legislation includes provisions related to charitable giving in 2021 that expire December 31st. Be sure you understand how to make the most of the opportunities and how they might impact your strategies.
  6. Utilize MCF – We are here to be a resource to help charitable people create the change they want to see in the world. Don’t hesitate to reach out, even if you don’t have a fund with us.
  7. Consider Leaving a Charitable Legacy – If you are charitable in your lifetime, you may wish to set aside a portion of your estate to continue advancing the causes you care about. MCF can help.

For more information, contact Director of Philanthropy Jennifer Abbott at or call (941) 747-7765.