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A mindset of thankfulness

All year long, all day long, we have the option of choosing a mindset of thankfulness.

Since 1998, Manatee Community Foundation has been fueled by gratitude. With deep appreciation for donors, professional advisors, nonprofits, community members, and resources, we connect social and financial assets for the greater good.

You will start to see a new look at Manatee Community Foundation as we prepare to move into our 25th year as the philanthropic leader in Manatee County. Our transformed logo includes a grateful bow to the past, with some fresh blues and greens embracing the future.

We believe that Manatee Community Foundation’s story is the story of our community, and it is one of thankfulness. Every chapter tell a story about what happens when different people come together to make a difference in Manatee County. Everyone who gives is a lead character.

As we enter “the giving season,” we reflect on your mindset of gratitude and the many ways it shows up–including recently, in your generous response to human need after Hurricane Ian.

Thank you for being such an important part of our story. Look out for stories about our past, present and future over the next year. And join us in being part of them!