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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access

Our team at Manatee Community Foundation is committed to building a better community and a better foundation with our strategic focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and access. This allows us to make sure we are reaching all people in our community. We have made progress, but still have work to do.

View our DEI definitions and strategies.

Our Strategies

  1. Listen and Learn. Integrate diversity, inclusion, equity and access into ongoing staff and board professional development.
  2. Adapt Decision-Making Processes. Seek diverse voices to inform our work and decision-making through deliberate processes and networking.
  3. Make Meaningful Investments. Include meaningful initiatives in our annual plan that reflect our commitment to access and opportunity.
  4. Communicate Our Values. Demonstrate to diverse donors and community members that we represent their needs, interests and communities as part of our work.

Manatee Community Foundation continues to focus on a results-first framework in grant-making. We are especially interested in how a nonprofit’s work is addressing diversity, equity, inclusion and access. View our grant application questions.

“I am honored to serve on MCF’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force. As recent events have shown us, our country has much work yet to do to accomplish our Founders’ ideals.” -Steve Roskamp

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