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Be the One to Support Nonprofits Serving Manatee County in the 2018 Giving Challenge!

On May 1-2 from noon to noon, the 2018 Giving Challenge will generate thousands of donations supporting local nonprofits.

Every nonprofit you support with $25 to $100 will receive a dollar for dollar match by The Patterson Foundation. Every single one. More than 400 of the participating nonprofit organizations serve Manatee County residents. That’s hundreds of opportunities to double your impact.

  1. Search for organizations eligible to participate on
  2. Find your favorites & new nonprofits to you.
  3. Make your list and check it twice.
  4. Imagine the human lives that will be nurtured and saved, the arts that will flourish, the animals that will find their forever homes, and the special places that will be protected–right here in Manatee County–with the dollars you give in the 2018 Giving Challenge.
  5. Get ready to give on May 1 & 2.

We’re ready to #BeTheOne for Manatee County! Are you?

Read our guest column in the Bradenton Herald to learn more about MCF’s support of the Challenge through its Knight Donor Advised Fund and how the Challenge helps to build informed and engaged communities.