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Create a Legacy That Supports The Nonprofits You Care About Most

Do you support some of the same nonprofit organizations without fail every year?

Many people would like to ensure that the charitable organizations important to them continue to receive financial gifts long into the future through a meaningful legacy plan. Working with Manatee Community Foundation is a smart way to make sure your annual gift will always be there for specific nonprofits you care about. Legacy funds are easy to create, are professionally managed, and are customized based on what you want to achieve.

We recommend that you talk with your professional advisor to determine which assets make the most sense to gift to the Foundation. It can be as easy as designating a portion of your estate through your will, or naming Manatee Community Foundation as a beneficiary of an investment or retirement account.

When you visit with MCF, we talk about the many choices you have for your fund, including how dollars will flow into the fund with a name of your choosing. You select one or more nonprofit organizations to benefit from your fund, which can include local organizations, national organizations, churches, or colleges/universities. 

With an Endowed Designated Fund, the dollars are invested, and a portion of the earnings will be granted out annually to the charities you chose.  Each year, into perpetuity, the organizations you care most about will receive an annual gift in your name. What an incredible legacy that provides a consistent source of funds to sustain the missions important to you.

Manatee Community Foundation manages this legacy gift process for many giving people. By working with MCF, you can be confident that:

  • You can trust that your wishes will be carried out, based on a signed fund document
  • If one of the organizations you name should close or merge, we ensure that the gift goes to the successor organization or to another well-run nonprofit with a similar mission
  • Your gift is professionally managed and invested so it will continue to grow
  • The charities you care most about will always have your support

Whether it is an Endowed Designated Fund supporting specific nonprofits, or other types of funds that allow you to name broader areas of interest for grantmaking, MCF is a partner you can depend on for your current and future giving.

To learn more about crafting your personalized charitable legacy, contact Jennifer Abbott at 941-747-7765 or