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Alternative to a Private Foundation

Many donors enjoy the part of philanthropy that allows them to make a meaningful difference, not the tax filings and administrative details.

We can help you give in all of the ways most important to you without the cost and administrative burden of a private foundation. We provide community knowledge, best practices in grant making, due diligence, and other philanthropic services while allowing individuals, families, or businesses the ability to recommend grants as they wish.

Establishing a fund at the Manatee Community Foundation has many advantages over a private foundation:

  • We handle all financial and administrative management, including annual tax returns and audit
  • We verify charitable status of recipient organizations
  • Your gifts are deductible up to 50% of Adjusted Gross Income (vs. 30% in a private foundation)
  • You and your grants can be kept anonymous if you wish
  • There is no excise tax on investment income and net realized capital gains
  • There is no grant payout requirement
  • Funds are jointly invested in large pools established by the Community Foundation for scale, overseen by a volunteer Investment Committee

Click here for a printable comparison of a private foundation vs. a fund at a community foundation.

Contact Jennifer Abbott, Director of Philanthropy, at (941) 747-7765 or to arrange a phone appointment, Zoom session, or in-person meeting with a member of our team to discuss whether a fund at Manatee Community Foundation is right for you, contact us at (941) 747-7765.