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Corporate Ambassadors

Corporate ambassadors are businesses that are committed to the idea of growing a giving community in Manatee County.

Through annual support of Manatee Community Foundation, they help us:

  • Support local nonprofit organizations that receive grants and philanthropic services from Manatee Community Foundation
  • Provide local knowledge about positive outcomes and gains made in diverse missions, from human services to education, our environment to animal welfare
  • Support the work of our professional staff who facilitate effective and personal giving in our community
  • Invest in the future of Manatee County through charitable legacy planning and endowment building
  • Cultivate philanthropy for people all ages and personal means with creative vehicles
  • Build strong nonprofits through training and resources from Manatee Community Foundation

Most of all, corporate ambassadors believe in the power of giving as a shared value that grows a healthy Manatee County where all of our citizens can thrive.

To learn more about the benefits of being a Corporate Ambassador — including visibility and tickets to favorite events — email Jennifer Abbott at

For more information, click here.