Plan Your Legacy

Bill McGrath’s story is just one of many at Manatee Community Foundation.  

Many people ask themselves how their philanthropy can continue to benefit our community after they are gone. We can help you continue to make a difference through your giving for years to come.

We can work directly with you or through relationships with your professional advisors to ensure that your charitable giving will continue to support the causes or organizations important to you.

Endowing a fund ensures that the principal is never touched, while the fund can grow through wise investments. Only the interest generated is used to make gifts. Other options are available based on the wishes of our donors.

MCF Legacy Society

More than 150 people are members of Manatee Community Foundation’s Legacy Society.

An invitation to join is extended to all who have already established a gift or intend to create a fund at Manatee Community Foundation through their will, estate plan or a life income agreement. Members have the option of remaining anonymous.

Read our short article: “Three Approaches to Your Charitable Legacy.”

Gifts of all sizes are important and welcome. Disclosure of gift amount or type is not required. Legacy members are celebrated at our annual Legacy Society Luncheon and, if they choose, are recognized in our publications and receive invitations to other Foundation events.

If you missed our 2021 Virtual Legacy Society Celebration, join us for this inspiring hour featuring stories of legacy funds in action, our work with the COVID19 Response Fund, and an inspiring interview about empathy.