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Our donors love to work with Manatee Community Foundation because we are responsive, knowledgeable and committed to helping them make smart charitable investments. We can help our donors answer questions such as, “What are the net gains that will be achieved through my giving?” This gets right to the heart of the matter–the true difference your philanthropy can make.

At the time you create a charitable fund at Manatee Community Foundation, you can take the same tax deductions as donating to any public charity. We work with you to help you impact the charitable causes that are important to you and your family using your fund as a flexible and personal vehicle.

There are many benefits of working with Manatee Community Foundation.

  • We offer tax-wise giving options.  You can establish a fund at Manatee Community Foundation with gifts of cash, appreciated stock, real estate, life insurance and other assets and receive immediate tax benefits.
  • We offer flexibility in your giving.  Your fund can focus on specific organizations; specific missions such as human services, health, animal welfare, education, the environment, or arts; or very general philanthropic interests depending on what is most important to you.
  • We know local nonprofits and community needs.  Our staff team is familiar with the nonprofit organizations and the needs in our community and can provide as much (or as little) guidance as you like in helping your philanthropy make the biggest difference.
  • We honor and protect your intentions.  Establishing a fund at Manatee Community Foundation includes a signed legal document. It is our job to make sure that donor intent is always preserved, both now and in the future.
  • We offer professionalism and cost-effectiveness in giving.  Because we pool numerous funds, you benefit from economies of scale for investment and administration. Our investments are overseen by leading financial institutions and an investment committee including volunteers selected for their financial expertise.

Get started today.

It is easy to get started or to get more information.

Contact Jennifer Abbott, Director of Philanthropy, at (941) 747-7765 or to arrange a phone appointment, Zoom session, or in-person meeting with a member of our team.