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Engaging Your Family In Philanthropy

Many parents, grandparents and caregivers wish to ensure that future generations are as active and engaged in giving as they have been during their lifetimes.

Even parents of adult children come to Manatee Community Foundation asking for guidance about involving their families in charitable causes. Here are some of the suggestions we share:

  • Recognize that what your children care about may not be the same as your personal charitable interests. The act of giving itself is important.
  • The definition of philanthropy is continuing to evolve. Talk to your family members about what giving looks like to them.
  • Give your family members the opportunity to choose activities together that include volunteering or time helping individuals.
  • Set aside time for purposeful conversations with your family about the issues important to them.
  • If you feel comfortable doing so, we recommend discussing your charitable legacy plans with your family while you are living.

The team at Manatee Community Foundation is always delighted to guide conversations or activities that support your family’s aspirations in giving. Email Jennifer Abbott, Director of Philanthropy, at