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Giving Generously While Maintaining Your Privacy

Manatee Community Foundation offers the perfect solution for those who want to donate to the charitable organizations and causes they care about while maintaining full protection of their privacy. While some donors want to be publicly thanked and are happy to use their name to encourage others to give, there are many good reasons why others choose to make some or all gifts anonymously.


  • Protect your privacy and that of your family. For example – neighbors, coworkers, friends, family and even other charities cannot draw conclusions about your wealth or giving priorities.
  • Enjoy flexibility that allows you to remain anonymous for some grants and be recognized for others. Some donors are always public or always anonymous, while others just give occasional anonymous gifts.
  • Simplify your life, as your name, address, phone and email are kept off solicitation lists.
  • Continue to enjoy expressions of appreciation and reports on the impact of your gifts, as the Foundation will receive these on your behalf and pass on meaningful communications.


  1. Establish a donor advised fund with the Manatee Community Foundation and select a fund name. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can choose a name that is significant to you without personal identifiers, such as the Oak Creek Fund or the New Beginnings Fund.
  2. You decide which organizations will receive grants, in what amount, and at what time. Gifts can be given locally or nationally.
  3. Grants are awarded from the Manatee Community Foundation according to your recommendations. For each grant, you can decide if you would like the gift to be made in the name of your fund, or to be completely anonymous.
  4. All communications such as acknowledgment letters and impact reports go through the Foundation and are passed along to you.
  5. As with all giving through Manatee Community Foundation, you enjoy the confidence of knowing that your wishes will be respected. MCF does not disclose any personal information to outside parties without express permission.
  6. Following this procedure, your grantmaking history will remain private (unlike a private foundation, which is required by law to be public).

Anonymous giving is even possible as part of your charitable legacy if you would like to remain anonymous posthumously.

To learn more about how Manatee Community Foundation can help you to experience the joy of giving while protecting your privacy, contact Jennifer Abbott at 941-747-7765 or