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How do you see empathy at work in your community?

Like many who find ways to make our communities better through our time, talent, treasure or relationships, entrepreneur Michael Tennant noticed the divisiveness that is preventing people from having real, difficult conversations about things that matter.

He channeled his creative energy into the development of a card game, called “Actually Curious,” to help people build empathy.

At Manatee Community Foundation, we think empathy is a powerful tool–and one we can strengthen through practice and intentionality. It can make us better citizens and givers. So we invited Michael to join us as our special guest for the virtual 2021 Legacy Society Celebration last week where he was interviewed by WUSF Public Media’s Cathy Carter.

We want you to be able to enjoy the interview and what Michael had to say about empathy. Go ahead…take 25 minutes to listen and be inspired!
After nearly a year of the pandemic and other stressors have challenged us, we still see generosity and kindness everywhere. Seeing the world through another’s perspective can help us create healthy communities together.

We want to know how you see empathy at work in our community. Share your thoughts with us, and we will add your name to a drawing for “Actually Curious” cards mailed to your home or office!