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Kick Off 2023 With A Giving Plan

January is the perfect time to create an intentional plan for giving in 2023.  Too often, charitable people find themselves at year-end wondering how much they gave and if it really made a difference. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Jennifer Abbott
Jennifer Abbott, Director of Philanthropy

Here are a few suggestions to help you make the most of your giving, whatever your budget:

  1. Set your giving budget for 2023. If it’s $500 or $500,000 – intentionally deciding what you can give in the coming year makes all other decisions easier. Many givers use a donor advised fund to organize this process and streamline tracking.
  2. Start your budget by deducting any “obligation” gifts, or things you have already committed to.  Maybe you make a monthly donation to UNICEF, write quarterly checks to your house of worship, or donate annually to your grandchildren’s school. Go ahead and account for those in your annual budget.
  3. Prioritize your giving. Even the wealthiest giver can’t afford to support every cause! If you had to pick 1-3 focus areas, what would they be? Lots of things matter, but what matters the most to you, and reflects the change you hope to see in the world? This is where the bulk of your charitable dollars should be invested.  Once you have established this groundwork, you can really dive into your giving plan for 2023!
  4. Then start thinking about the nonprofits doing the best work in these areas. MCF can help! We look for organizations that:
    share results, not just activities
    are good communicators about how your gift made a difference
    are laser-focused on their mission
    -show strength in financials, leadership and strategic thinking
  5. Last tip: considering setting a bit aside in your budget for opportunity giving. Maybe a friend asks you to give to their favorite nonprofit for their birthday, or you get an email about a matching campaign you hate to miss. Consider allocating up to 10% of your giving budget for these unplanned gifts.

Most importantly, remember that Manatee Community Foundation is here to help! We love working with caring people on their intentional giving plans – for 2023 and even far into the future for charitable legacies.  To learn more contact Jennifer Abbott at or 941-747-7765.