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Knight Foundation (KF)

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, also known as the Knight Foundation, provides grants for journalism, communities, and the arts.

Knight-Ridder newspapers and the Foundation held ties to 26 U.S. cities. In 1998, Knight decided to permanently fund these 26 cities, including Bradenton, independent from where Knight-Ridder bought or sold their newspaper business in the future.

As part of an initiative to start, support, and grow community foundations in its 26 newspaper communities, the Knight Foundation challenged the new Manatee Community Foundation’s board in 1998 to raise the first $1 million of endowment funds for MCF. MCF did it in 6 months.

At MCF, Knight has a donor advised fund (DAF) that they use to make investments in our community every year. Knight’s leadership set annual goals for impact and work with MCF’s staff to identify funding opportunities to make grants.

Knight’s Focus includes identifying and working with partners to help communities attract and nurture talent, promote economic opportunity, and foster civic engagement.

If your organization has been invited to submit an application for KF funding, please complete the Pre-Funding Application survey. MCF staff will review the information and forward it along to KF for their review and final approval. MCF will be in contact with the nonprofits once we hear back from KF.

If you have previously been funded by KF, please complete the Post-Funding Grant Report.

If you have any questions, please contact Simone Peterson at