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Manatee Matches

Manatee Community Foundation staff works with an amazing group of givers called the Manatee Matches Giving Circle. The 12 members make group decisions about grants, and the supported organizations match what Manatee Matches provides. (They like for the matching dollars to come AFTER they have committed to the project so their gift is an incentive for others to participate). Their usual guidelines include:

  • Must be focused on those you serve in Manatee County
  • Must be human services-focused
  • Grants are typically $20k-30k for Manatee Matches, with nonprofit first raising $20-30k from donors after Manatee Matches agrees to invest. (Total cost $40-$60k)
  • Must represent big capacity shift for nonprofit in operations or programming. For example, this could be a program never before offered, a new system that helps the nonprofit run more efficiently/effectively, or a program that has not been offered in Manatee County (or expanded in a new way). They are particularly interested in any programming expanding out to Parrish, just in case that’s a fit.
  • In general, they like investing in big projects where their impact will be greatly seen

Please consider what is being asked of you and your organization before submitting an inquiry. Many leaders say thank you but…I don’t have the right project at this time, or I can’t raise the match right now – and that’s all good! There’s always the following year. If you feel as though you and your organization are ready to make a pitch to the Manatee Matches Giving Circle, please submit an inquiry.

If you have any questions, please contact

Congrats, you’ve been funded!

If you have been notified that you have been selected to receive matching dollars from Manatee Matches, please refer to the match as the Manatee Matches Giving Circle of the Manatee Community Foundation. Some additional publicity guidance can be found here.

Requirements of the grant:

  • Raise the matching dollars by December 31, 2024.  Manatee Matches requests that the match is not met with dollars already received, but rather that their matching challenge is used to inspire new giving.  
  • Once you have met the match, please email Simone Peterson ( with the date and amounts of each gift (We do not need the donors’ names). This supporting documentation will enable MCF to make the grant to your program from the Manatee Matches Fund.
  • Define and track the results you will achieve with this grant, so that you can share the impact of this gift.  A report will be due 6 months from when the grant is received. If your project is not complete at the 6-month mark, please provide an interim report at 6 months and then a final at one year. A link to the report form can be found here: Manatee Matches Grant Report.
  • While not required, participation in MCF’s Manatee Connects and other free capacity-building training in our community is strongly encouraged for all nonprofits that receive Manatee Matches funds and will be viewed favorably in any future requests.