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New Fund at Manatee Community Foundation Honors Turning Points’ Retired Executive

The board of directors of Turning Points wanted to do something special for retired executive director Adell Erozer. After 15 years on the job, building the services and capacity of a one stop center focused on serving individuals and families who are homeless or near homelessness, Adell Erozer announced her retirement in 2018. Her last day at work was June 15. Adell anticipated the work that has taken place to prepare for her succession but did not imagine that the board would create a new charitable fund in her honor.

According to Turning Points board president Mark DeHaan, “We wanted a unique way to recognize Adell’s outstanding leadership and pay tribute to her passion for our mission and the incredible legacy she leaves behind.”  

“We are honored that The Adell Erozer Leadership Fund was opened at Manatee Community Foundation,” said Susie Bowie, executive director of MCF. “This creative and heartfelt gift to Adell is such a special recognition of her years of advocating for individuals that may not otherwise be cared for.”

The focus of the new fund is supporting individuals in Manatee County who are homeless or on the verge of homelessness. Adell Erozer is the advisor. Now, instead of asking for money to support the mission that is so important to her, she will be the one to recommend grants.

“It is difficult to put into words how I felt upon about this gift,” said Erozer. “I am humbled, and deeply touched to be honored in such a profound way.  This amazing recognition is an indication of the special people in the organization and the community that I have been blessed to work with.”

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Adell Erozer, Retired Executive Director of Turning Points
Adell Erozer, Retired Executive Director of Turning Points