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Community Resources

Unite Us

Unite Us is a free tool to help improve quality outcomes for children and families. Organizations use it to connect with other service providers, refer clients to local services, learn when needs have been met, and more efficiently track data to show individual organization and community impact. To learn more about joining the growing number of Manatee and Sarasota-based human service and education organizations using the Unite Us platform, email Stephanie Harris, Senior Community Engagement Manager, at

Making An Impact

Making An Impact is an online community resource guide of human services and programs in our region. A printed version is also available.

Circuit 12 Children’s Behavioral Resource Guide

An online guide to children’s behavioral health resources can be found online here for providers, school counselors, and nonprofit organizations working with children and families.

The Giving Partner

The Giving Partner is an online tool published by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County to encourage donors, foundations, businesses, and media partners to make informed choices about their giving. Hundreds of nonprofits serving Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte and DeSoto counties have published profiles, showcasing transparency as well as its needs, governance, management, finances, and programmatic impact. Questions The Giving Partner can answer:

  • How are two organizations with similar missions different?
  • What is each nonprofit achieving for those it serves?
  • How do organizations track their successes?
  • What are an organization’s greatest needs?
  • Does the nonprofit show positive financial trends over time?
  • What percentage of board members attend board meetings and make financial contributions to the organization?
  • Does the organization have formal plans to guide success and strategy?