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Charitable Legacy Planning

Many professional advisors and clients partner with Manatee Community Foundation to create charitable legacy plans that recognize the important role of giving, while supporting family first philanthropy. Legacy plans are personal and flexible, and can be modified as long as the client is able to do so. There are many options donors may choose for their legacy funds.

Fund Purposes

  • Naming one or more specific nonprofits that will receive grants
  • Selecting one or more general fields of interest such as early learning, education, animal welfare, support for veterans, environment and conservation, etc. to guide Manatee Community Foundation in selecting effective nonprofits working in those mission areas
  • Using a combination of specific nonprofits and fields of interest
  • Unrestricted funds, allowing Manatee Community Foundation to support changing needs over time

Non-Endowed vs. Endowed

  • Non-endowed option for funds that spend out over a specific period of time designated by the donor
  • Endowed option allowing the fund to provide perpetual spending for grants each year

Fund Name

  • The fund name can reflect a family name or can provide anonymity

A member of our team would love to meet with you or your client to discuss legacy options and share how easy it is to get started.

Alicia Chalmers, Manager of Donor Engagement
(941) 556-5447 |

Jennifer Abbott, Director of Philanthropy
(941) 556-5446 |