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Scholarship Spotlight: Nursing Education

Virginia Villegas-Romero’s ambition can be attributed to her parents.

As she accompanied her mother on her yearly medical visits, Virginia admired the exceptional treatment by the nurses. She watched her father handle two jobs in construction and landscaping, not only to provide for his family, but to work towards owning his own landscaping company.

Virginia infused their work ethic into her character and it propelled her to dream of entering the nursing field.

She first applied for a scholarship from Manatee Community Foundation in 2018 when encouraged by staff at the State College of Florida’s undergraduate program in nursing. Virginia knew that it would allow her to focus on putting her effort into her studies, excelling in her prerequisite courses without the stress of being responsible for the costs of the classes.

Over 4 years, Virginia was awarded $9,283 from the Foundation, which helped her achieve her RN, BSN and her upcoming Master of Science in Nursing degree.  There will be nothing to hinder this passionate young woman from her dream of opening her own clinic to provide safe, efficient, high quality and evidence-based programs to the elderly and others in the community.

She endeavors to have a positive impact on her patients and instill the value of self-care and belief that anything is possible if you just commit to your dreams. Congratulations, Virginia!

A special thanks to donors, living and in remembrance, who have contributed to the success of students in our community.