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Steve and Carolyn Roskamp Are Champions for Grade-Level Reading

On Wednesday, March 30, Steve and Carolyn Roskamp will be recognized with the 2022 Leadership Spirit Award at Manatee Community Foundation’s Spirit of Manatee Awards Luncheon. The award recognizes a philanthropist whose spirit of giving encourages and motivates others, and direct financial support has impacted one or more charitable organizations within Manatee County.

Selfless, inspirational, generous, and purposeful describe Steve and Carolyn Roskamp. The Roskamps have made significant and lasting contributions to the Manatee community through their leadership, service and philanthropy.

Steve and Carolyn Roskamp
Steve and Carolyn Roskamp

Dedicated to helping children read on grade-level with their peers, Steve and Carolyn partnered with the School District of Manatee County and United Way Suncoast to co-design and invest in programs supporting learning gains for students at Title I schools in Manatee County.

Their encouragement to design the Soar in 4 program in Manatee County has helped hundreds of families connect in-person with education and human service agencies to provide resources and establish trust in the school journey.
They provide significant financial support throughout to nonprofit organizations aligned with the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading and to Manatee County School District.

Steve has been a tremendous resource to this community’s hospice mission as a Tidewell Hospice trustee. He was instrumental in helping the parent organization, now known as Empath Health, expand its home-based care services to provide Full Life Care outside of hospice.

His mentorship in developing leaders and strategies for success has extended to the Multicultural Health Center, where he is a trusted advisor. For many years, Carolyn has led a holiday event at Kirkwood Presbyterian Church which connects people to meaningful gifts supporting dozens of local nonprofit organizations