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Webinar for Nonprofit Board Members Focuses On Roles in Fundraising

It’s the classic request for support from nonprofit executives–“How can I help my board take a more active role in fundraising?” With the right opportunities to discuss fund development with board members, organizations may enjoy greater participation and outcomes in raising money.

On Monday, December 14 from noon to 1:00 p.m., Manatee Community Foundation will host a webinar and discussion about the role of fundraising for nonprofit boards.

Individual board members serve essential roles as doers (supporting the staff in the work that helps to increase financial resources), donors (giving money), and door openers (introducing qualified prospects to the organization).

In this conversation, we will give examples of these contributions, talk about ways the board chair and development committee can lead efforts to engage individual board members in fund development, and the responsibility of the board as a whole in fundraising.

Learn more and register here or email