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What Does Retirement Look Like?

Every month, Manatee Community Foundation hosts a learning opportunity for nonprofit leaders to come together for the purposes of discussion and accessing information that can lead to gains for their organizations.

In January, we were joined by Edward Jones to explore their report “Four Pillars of the New Retirement” and what we can learn about donors and volunteers.

Senior volunteers

The report, found here, discusses data trends in health, family, purpose and finance. A few of its important findings are shared, along with their relevance to our work in the charitable sector:

  • 93% of retirees surveyed believe that it is never too late to improve your health. It is well documented that, for many, staying healthy includes being active and engaged in their communities and local nonprofit causes.
  • 66% of retirees surveyed consider family to include those they love and care for, even if they are not related. Many Americans build “families” through volunteer work and engagement, emphasizing the social ties that nonprofits can contribute.
  • 67% of Americans surveyed agree that the pandemic has brought families closer together. As families reflect on their joint values, as well as the individual values and passions of each family member, conversations about giving can be well-timed.
  • COVID-19 has prompted 30 million Americans to have end of life discussions for the first time. Smart planned giving professionals have been using this time to have meaningful conversations with their donors of all ages about charitable legacies.
  • The average 65+ aged person responding to the survey has 7.4 hours of free time each day. There is time to get involved in compelling causes!
  • 44% of American women aged 75+ are living alone. Simply checking in on older donors can be a lifeline to combat loneliness.
  • 89% of responding Americans feel there should be more ways to use their talents and knowledge for the benefit of communities and society. Analyzing your nonprofit’s effectiveness in communicating opportunities for engagement can help you capture more of the market.

Special thanks to local advisor Chad Choate, III for joining us!