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What is a community foundation?

In the midst of the work we have the pleasure of leading every day, we realize that many people may not know what a community foundation is or how our work is relevant.

There are nearly 750 community foundations in the country, and each works with generous people in a geographic area to create and pool charitable funds that invest in local nonprofits to make an impact.

community foundation

As the saying goes, when you have seen one community foundation, you’ve seen one community foundation, but we are all 501(c)(3) public charities dedicated to making the geographic areas we serve better through philanthropy.

Knowing that donors care about many different charitable causes–human services, the environment, animal welfare, health care, civic engagement, social justice, the arts, education–community foundations provide personal and flexible vehicles for people to consolidate their giving and make a difference in the ways that are most meaningful to them. In addition to holding and pooling charitable funds (which can be endowed or non-endowed), community foundations:

  • Convene interested citizens around important issues in their communities
  • Offer resources and knowledge about the community and philanthropy to individuals, families and businesses
  • Share connections between donors and nonprofits that lead to informed charitable giving
  • Provide learning opportunities for nonprofit organizations as well as opportunities for nonprofit leaders to share their expertise
  • Provide thought leadership for better outcomes in communities, regions and across the nation
  • Lead initiatives that bridge sectors for the benefit of all citizens
  • Serve as a voice for greater diversity, inclusion and access in the communities they serve

We do this work as partners, good listeners and learners. We enjoy helping caring people make a difference today, through giving while living, and tomorrow, through charitable legacy planning.

At Manatee Community Foundation, it is an honor to serve people who live and give in Manatee County, Florida and beyond. Through their visions and opportunities that exist to make our community stronger, we support a more connected, positive and equitable place to live, work and play. Call us at (941) 747-7765 or email to learn more.