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When Do Estate Planning Clients Need MCF? 5 Common Scenarios

Manatee Community Foundation can be the perfect partner to help charitable clients achieve their philanthropic legacy goals, in partnership with other estate planning professionals.

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When can MCF be most helpful? Below are 5 common scenarios in which the Foundation can provide solutions to charitable estate planning needs.

  1. Endowment: when clients would like to endow their gift to one or more nonprofits or broad charitable causes, so that grants are made far into the future. The dollars that flow from their estate are placed in the Foundation’s long-term investment pool, and a portion of the earnings are granted out every year to the organizations or missions your clients named in their plan.
  2. Gifts Over Time or With Parameters: when clients have identified the organizations they want to benefit but want the distributions to be overseen. MCF can grant out their bequest over a period of years rather than in one lump sum; the Foundation can also ensure that grants are made only if certain conditions are met, or only for specific purposes.
  3. Scholarships: when clients would like to create a scholarship fund for local students or adults working towards 2- or 4-year degrees, technical certification, or licensure. Clients can choose the qualifications required for applicants as well as they type of scholarship given.
  4. Expertise: when clients know the issues that they care about, but not the organizations doing the best work in those mission areas. Manatee Community Foundation is the expert in philanthropy that can help your client find the perfect match for their passions.
  5. Long-term, local impact: when clients would like to leave the money unrestricted to meet the greatest needs of the community in the future, which may be very different from the needs of today. Manatee Community Foundation can steward those dollars to ensure the greatest impact.

    The friendly, knowledgeable staff of the Foundation is always pleased to have an exploratory conversation with you and/or your clients about crafting a flexible, personal plan. Reach out anytime you have any questions about how Manatee Community Foundation might assist your clients in reaching their philanthropic legacy goals. Or, refer them to us, and we assure you they will be treated with the dignity and excellent care you expect.

    Contact Director of Philanthropy Jennifer Abbott to learn more at (941) 747-7765 or